Helping our Northland neighbors for over 30 years.
LaCourse & Envall Attorneys

Helping our Northland neighbors for over 30 years. Our success is no accident.

At LaCourse and Envall, we understand that knowing when to ask for help can sometimes be difficult. After all, we’ve helped thousands of individuals that have been in your same shoes.

We have been serving the Northern Minnesota region for more than 30 years specializing in Workers' Compensation, Serious Personal Injury and Social Security Disability Law. Our number one goal is to help guide you through your difficult time and get you the recovery you deserve. Our team of experienced Lawyers and Paralegals take the time to get to know each client on a personal level, so we can better understand situations, and ultimately, provide the best service possible.

We offer a FREE initial consultation for all inquiries and if you don’t receive a recovery, you won’t pay a fee – simple as that.

At LaCourse & Envall, our success is no accident.